Experience the complete bathroom transformation! The styles and choices are virtually endless. Be sure to let us know what you are dreaming about, we are confident that we can fulfill your needs!

We have the expertise to perform any type of bathroom renovation project from a simple half bath remodel through a complete master bathroom renovation involving new floor plans and structural changes.

House Rules

We believe in maintaining high standards while offering quality service to our clients.

  • 1. We will not arrive at your home before 8.00am unless you request an earlier starting time.
  • 2. We will lay cover sheets to protect your property (in the immediate work area / in areas of your property that we will have to pass through)
  • 3. We will explain the programme and expected time frame for the work to be carried out.
  • 4. It is our policy that our staff do not play loud music either in our vehicles when on or near your property, or in your home.
  • 5. We will not park in your driveway without your permission.
  • 6. We will not leave dangerous tools or equipment lying around that might present a hazard.
  • 7. We carry Public Liability insurance in case of accidents.
  • 8. We have a “Smoke Free” policy for all our staff and sub contractors while working within your home.
  • 9. Our staff and sub contractors are instructed not to wander through your home in areas that they are not working in, However they may need to enter a room to use power points.
  • 10. We request your permission for our staff and sub contractors to use your:
    • a) Bathroom
    • b) Telephone (it is noted this would only be local calls relating to your work if our cell phone does not operate in your area).
  • 11. Employees will not receive personal telephone calls while on your job.
  • 12. At the end of each work session we will clean up and remove rubbish or old fittings you do not require.
  • 13. On completion of the work we shall contact you and make sure you are happy with our work.